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Sudent Biryani Success Story

Student Biryani is the most popular and most visited restaurants in Karachi. We always try bringing initiatives that benefit our partners, our customers and us.
The great Student Biryani you've come to love can now be distributed as give away or incentive to your clients,customers, retailers or sales team.
Student Biryani provide the following services like delivery, outdoor catering, events and in-house parties, in Pakistan with more than 10 restaurants in 2 cities of Pakistan, and shortly expanding to more new locations.
We aim to make the eating experience of our customers special in every possible way, may it be high quality food and service at our stand-alone restaurants, corporate sales, personalized birthday parties, mobile food service or outdoor catering. STUDENT BIRYANI designs exclusive packages for corporate customers and is now catering effectively to the corporate segment by catering to their social and corporate needs. We have complete facilities to arrange for meetings, seminars, get-togethers etc, either at your promises or ours, to make your events interesting and comfortable.

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